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About Embodiment Consulting Services

Deepen Your Values

Embodiment Consulting Services (ECS) is not about why you should exercise more, sleep better, or eat in more healthy ways. Most of us know these things already, and have found more or less success in experiencing well-being through these “basics” about the body.

Embodiment Consulting Services focuses on our bodies’ capacities to integrate desired changes to support individuals, organizations, and communities in exploring and aligning our daily lives even more authentically with our values and commitments as Christians - becoming more whole, compassionate, and courageous human beings.

ECS provides fresh ways to literally deepen your values so that they reside in your flesh and blood - so you can become more authentically the person (or community) you are made to be.

Your body holds capacities to support your freedom and authenticity in Christ.

Meet the team

Dr. Rebecca Letterman

  • Certified Embodiment Coach
  • Experienced Spiritual Director
  • Ordained, Free Methodist Church USA
  • Ph.D. Cornell University, M.Div. Northeastern Seminary,
  • M.A. Syracuse University, B.A. Roberts Wesleyan University
  • Published Author (Understanding Our Story) & Formative Spirituality Theologian

Dr. Rebecca Letterman is an experienced educator, coach, mentor, and spiritual director. Having taught human and Christian spirituality (along with early church history and theology, and Christian anthropology) for nearly two decades at Northeastern Seminary, she researched ways that our bodies both express and shape who we are - becoming convinced that the most effective path for authentic change is through the inclusion of customized physical practices alongside spiritual, cognitive, cultural, and emotional intelligence practices. Rebecca is passionate about guiding and supporting people who long for change - personal, relational, and organizational change - through integrative work that attends to all the dimensions of what it means to be human.