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The body is not the enemy of the spirit.

It is the creation of God - and is a gateway to authentic life transformation.

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Supporting and Empowering individuals, families, and communities in authentic, integrative, vital living

You Belong Here!

Learn skills to engage your body’s capacities to support authentic change- to support your life in God so you can live more fully into freedom and authenticity.

Integrated coaching has helped me remember that our health has 4 components - mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. When one of those components is hurting, all the others are affected, as well; the coaching helped me identify the problem and how to work through it for complete health.

M.K., Pastor

The body is the how of freedom.

Mark Walsh, The Embodiment Podcast

We need to do more than move faith “from our heads to our hearts. Faith needs to live in our flesh and bones.