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Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you were bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body.

1Corinthians 6:19-20

Embodiment Coaching & Spiritual Direction

One-on-one sessions (coaching, spiritual direction, mentoring) customized to your needs to guide and support true, lasting, observable change into authentic Christ-likeness.

Group Training

Workshops and group coaching sessions focused on experiential learning that creates paths for authentic connections, team-building, and Spirit-inspired growth

Speaking Engagements

Keynotes, sermons, and motivational presentations for larger groups to educate and invite people to deeper transformation in Christ.


Resourcing you and your community is part of the vision of Embodiment Consultation Services - networking, community support, online classes, audio, video and written resources are constantly being created.

Embodiment Coaching - an approach to problems you can’t think your way out of.

Olga Kargopolova

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Embodiment Consulting Services (ECS) offer?

ECS offers customized workshops, training, and retreats for groups, and spiritual direction, one-on-one coaching, and leadership mentoring for individuals. Topics focus on authentic change and integration strategies, and range from emotional and relational intelligence skill building, conflict engagement, and trauma-awareness, to mindfulness and other integration strategies to support greater personal and organizational alignment with values.

You bring an issue/challenge to the session that you want to explore together. Most often, we will begin the session with prayer, asking the Lord to guide the session. Then we will use various body-based “tools” to help you explore ways that your God-given physical capacities can provide you with both information for discernment and action-based responses that you can practice.

This typically involves you discovering insights about physically embedded patterns of which you are unaware, and supporting you in discovering new patterns to practice. So you will leave sessions with a tangible (manageable) skill to practice to help you change.

Most sessions last 30-60 minutes, although sessions can be as short as 15 minutes! This makes embodiment sessions especially helpful for people with “full” schedules and lives. It also provides financial accessibility for people whose resources are limited - but who really could use some ongoing support.

Some people find that a single session provides them with enough help to move them forward in significant ways for the specific issue they bring to a session. Other people find that multiple sessions - or regular check in sessions - provide them ongoing accountability and support for authentic change. Coaching sessions help you discover your current (often preconscious) patterns and ways of being, and how those are affecting your life and ministry. Learning new, freeing patterns takes time, and so coaching sessions are available to support you in real change if that is what you need.

Embodiment Coaching (EC) may be therapeutic, but it is not therapy. One major difference is that coaching sessions focus less on your words and stories and more on your visceral reactions and body language. EC sessions support you growing in awareness of your body’s own “language” and what it can reveal about your deeply held beliefs and assumptions - as information to include in your ongoing growth and discernment. Embodiment Coaching is actually a wonderful complement to traditional counseling, therapy, and spiritual direction.

Embodiment Consulting Services range in cost, depending on the type of services, the number of participants (in the case of workshops and retreats), the length and number of sessions (in the case of spiritual direction, coaching, and mentoring), etc.

Typical rates for commonly offered services include:

  • Spiritual Direction: $75 per hour

  • Embodied Coaching Session: $110 per hour (initial sessions are normally an hour; later sessions are often shorter and are prorated accordingly)

  • Customized Workshops: $200 per hour

  • Customized Retreats: $500-$2500 per day (depending on size of the organization, length of retreat, and amount of customization)

Contact Rebecca Letterman to have a conversation about customized rates and how ECS can serve you and your organization.